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Digital Bytes Production & Design

"We are Utah's finest video production and postproduction facility specializing in broadcast commercials, corporate sales, marketing, training and recognition videos, multi-camera live events and trade show presentations. Digital Byte's talented visual artists, editorial designers, producers and directors combine years of experience with state of the art equipment."


Services Provided


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And so much goes into getting the shot just right.  It requires an experienced eye, honed through years of looking through that lens.  It takes the expertise of creating the perfect light and capturing the purest sound. Bottom line - not a good idea to have someone like your accountant shoot your next video.

Editorial Design

It's editorial design, not 'just' editing.  It's the difference between a master storyteller, painting a picture using state-of-the-art equipment as his palette and your nephew slapping together images on his laptop. Only trust your vision, your 'baby' to an expert.

Multi Camera Live Event/Streaming

This is where we shine.  We combine our investment in today's broadcast technology with years of invaluable experience.  The result is a well oiled machine, a confident and 'cool-under-pressure' team. This allows you to relax and see it all come together smoothly and efficiently. Your 'creative buddy' cannot do this with with his smartphone. 

Color Grading

This process is far more complex than adding a filter on Instagram. With the latest high-end tools in the hands of a cagey veteran, you will be getting a 'look and feel' to your story.  Because every quality production deserves a fresh coat of paint.


A basic, off-the-shelf GFX package is probably not the best solution for your important project. A true artist gives you graphics designed to match your message. We don't paint by numbers.

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Our Portfolio

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  • Multi Camera Live Event
  • Live Streaming!
  • Big-D
  • RMM
  • MityLite
  • Rio Tinto
  • Klymit
  • Demo 2015
  • HQ - Infinity 26
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Rising Star
  • EOY
  • Moss
  • Aerial Demo
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